Interior Painting

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Interior Painting

Whether you just bought your house in the South Surrey area or want to freshen up some rooms, we pride ourselves in offering any interior painting services you need.

Our team provides a full range of interior paintwork, including:

  • Trim Work
  • Ceiling Refinishing
  • Door Painting
  • Wall Painting
  • Blackboard Painting

Remodelling your home can be a significant undertaking. Knocking out walls, new cabinets, and hanging new doors takes time and money. Giving your home a new colour is a more cost-efficient way to transform your home.

When we start an interior paint job, we follow these steps to complete the work.

Step One: Choosing Your Colour

Before putting a paint roller or brush on the wall, you need to choose your colours. If you’re trying to spruce up an old room or make an old set of cabinets stand out, a new colour is sure to draw all eyes.

We also know how to update colours. If you’re trying to freshen up an existing colour, bring us an old can of paint, or let our techs take a paint chip off of your wall. We can help identify any paint colour, type, or finish you want.

We offer nearly unlimited colours and the following finishes:

• Matte or flat
• Eggshell
• Satin
• Semi-gloss
• High-gloss

Step Two: Staging

First, make sure your personal belongings are out of the room. We can handle the heavy furniture but make sure your things are out of cabinets or shelves so you don’t risk damaging anything.

Next, we move the large furniture around, away from the walls, trim, or doors we’re painting. We even cover the furniture before painting to keep it safe.

Then, we cover your floors and surfaces with sheeting and drop cloths to keep them safe from paint splatter, dust, or anything else that might harm them. With safe surfaces and furniture, we can move on to prep work.

Step Three: Preparing and Sanding the Surfaces

We patch and fill any holes in the walls or ceiling before we begin any interior painting. We also seal stains, smooth out uneven surfaces, and thoroughly clean the surfaces. Cleaning all the painted surfaces will help the new coat of paint stick better.

In addition, we caulk any new trim or places where caulking is missing. We also try to restore any damaged drywall, trim, panelling, and other things that need work. After finishing all this, we move on to priming and painting the rooms.

Step Four: Priming and Painting

With all the prep work done, we start priming any areas that aren’t already painted or primed, including new drywall, trim, and doors. Like interior paint, primer only takes an hour or two to dry. Places already primed and painted don’t need a new coat of primer, so those places are ready for a fresh coat of paint.

Finally, we start painting. The painting process doesn’t take long, especially with our team working together. We use the same tools throughout the site to give the room or rooms a uniform finish.

Once the first coat dries, we apply a second coat, if needed.

Step Five: Cleaning

With all of the painting and prep work done, we help clean up the job site. We remove our plastic sheeting and drop cloths, making sure to keep any debris off of your floors.

During the cleaning process, we perform the following services:

• Sweeping
• Bagging trash
• Removing tools and debris
• Relocating furniture

Step Six: Final Walkthrough

After finishing all the painting and cleaning, we walk through the job site to ensure we’re happy with everything. Then, we will walk through it with you to ensure you’re satisfied with the project. We answer your questions and ensure everything is right and in place before we leave.

Our paint jobs last five to ten years, so enjoy the new colour until it’s ready for us to paint it again. When you want an update, give us another call! Our locally-owned company will happily quote you for new work.

At Bluestone Painting, we offer low rates and quick turnarounds. Our trained experts always do the best work and leave our customers feeling satisfied with their freshly painted walls. Contact us today to schedule Bluestone Painting for all your interior painting needs.