If you’re investing in residential painting, it’s tempting to paint the ceiling the same colour as the walls. But why settle for such a boring colour scheme when you can mix things up and create unique spaces at your home?

Here are three colours in three different finishes we think are excellent choices if you’re looking to invest in interior painting for your home.

Matte Beige

If you want to dab into the world of colour-matching ceilings and walls without straying too far into the abstract, consider painting the ceiling matte beige. This perennially important interior design colour works best in bedrooms with white walls. It also pops considerably if your room has warm lighting.

If the walls are beige and you’re not feeling adventurous, feel free to get the ceiling painted as well. However, we’d personally recommend contrasting white and beige between the walls and the ceiling. In other words, if the walls are beige, consider painting the ceiling matte white, and vice versa.

Recommended rooms: Matte beige ceilings are especially great for bedrooms because their warmth will encourage you to fall asleep.

Eggshell Blue

If you’re keen on a dark shade for your ceiling, your best bet is to go with eggshell blue. We recommend going for a colour somewhere between Aegean and Stone because of how soothing and versatile these shades are.

If you’re eager to go even darker, consider switching a matte paint. This is because dark shades in glossy paints tend to give ceilings an inky look.

Recommended rooms: Eggshell blue ceilings look equally magnificent in living rooms and bedrooms. With that said, we’d advise opting for a different colour for the walls. Speak to the painting company about possible colour combinations for ideas.

Satin Silver/Gray

Satin paint is best used on low-impact surfaces like doors and window trims. It’s more glossy than eggshell but not as much as high-gloss finishes—which is why a light shade of satin paint like silver or gray is ideal for painting bathroom ceilings.

It’s worth noting that the more sheen a paint has, the easier it is to clean. Bathroom ceilings require medium to high-sheen paint because they tend to get dirtier than the ceilings of other rooms. This makes satin silver or gray perfect because it’s a neutral-coloured paint that offers a medium sheen level.

Recommended rooms: Bathrooms, kitchens (near the cooking area).

Get Professional Painters in Surrey to Revamp Your Home’s Ceilings Using High-quality Paint in an Array of Colours

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