The use of accent walls is an interesting design trend numerous homeowners utilize to elevate their indoor spaces. The idea’s simple—install one wall with a colour and/or texture that contrasts starkly with the other walls in a room.

If done right, installing an accent wall can render an indoor space incredibly alluring. Here’s how you can nail this design trend at your home.

1. Don’t Let Furniture Come in the Way of Letting Your Fabulous Accent Wall Shine

If you’ve invested your hard-earned money to hire professional painters for an accent wall do-up, you’re going to want everyone to notice. One of the best ways to do that is to furnish the area in front of the accent wall as sparingly as possible.

We recommend popping no more than a couple of chairs and a small table with a lamp in front of the accent wall. This way it won’t be obstructed from view and the light from the lamp will do wonders to make the textures stand out!

2. Spice Things Up by Using an Accent Ceiling

Want to innovate the accent wall trend? Consider getting an accent ceiling! There’s no risk of an accent ceiling being blocked by furniture and its contrast with the walls will do wonders for your room’s vibe.

We recommend getting an accent ceiling installed in a room that doesn’t have several lights on the ceiling. This will ensure the decorating company you’ve hired has a blank canvas to create an awe-inspiring accent ceiling.

3. Ensure Texture & Colour Cohesion Between All the Walls

The last thing you want is to get an accent wall without considering colour and texture-matching. Just imagine one wall in your living room in high-gloss blue and the rest in eggshell green. You’ll have a hard time looking at it without getting dizzy!

This is why it’s vital to ensure the texture and colour of your accent wall complement the other walls. If you’re unsure how to go about this, ask the painters attending your home for ideas. They might have a gallery of interior painting projects they’ve completed in the past with accent walls for you to check out!

An accent wall next to a dining table

Bluestone Painting Uses 5 Textures of Paint in Countless Colours to Create Jaw-dropping Accent Walls

Can’t find a painting company in Surrey that does top-quality accent walls using paint in several different textures and colours? Come speak to one of our team members at Bluestone Painting today.

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Contact us today to discuss installing a gorgeous accent wall at your home!

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