3 Paint Colours Ideal for Crafting a Tranquil Bedroom Space

A bedroom with a carpet, dresser, and plant pot

Did you know researchers from Italy discovered that the colour of your bedroom walls and ceiling significantly affects your mood? Some colours invoke calmness while others induce stress. Therefore, if you want a bedroom that radiates peacefulness, it’s vital to get it painted the right colour. But which one’s worth considering? Here are 3 brilliant […]

4 Power Pigments for Your Home Office Space

A chair and a desk with a computer in a home

Did you know the colour of the walls in a commercial space affects the productivity of people working there? In other words, if you work in a home office, the colour of the walls could be the difference between bringing your best self to work and being inefficient. No matter what industry you’re in, having […]

How to Nail the Accent Wall Trend

Four paint rollers with different coloured paints

The use of accent walls is an interesting design trend numerous homeowners utilize to elevate their indoor spaces. The idea’s simple—install one wall with a colour and/or texture that contrasts starkly with the other walls in a room. If done right, installing an accent wall can render an indoor space incredibly alluring. Here’s how you can […]

The Ultimate Guide to Painting Your Ceiling

A room with plants, windows, white walls and a dark ceiling

If you’re investing in residential painting, it’s tempting to paint the ceiling the same colour as the walls. But why settle for such a boring colour scheme when you can mix things up and create unique spaces at your home? Here are three colours in three different finishes we think are excellent choices if you’re […]

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Paint Colour for Your Commercial Building

An office room with pendant lights.

Selecting the perfect paint colour for your commercial building can be a little tricky. You will need to consider the brand colours and see which colour looks neat and modern while boosting curb appeal. Keeping all of these things in mind, we talked to our professional painters to create a helpful guide to save your time! […]

How to Use Paint to Make a Small Space Look Bigger

A room with white walls and wooden floors.

Designing and decorating small spaces can be tricky. From deciding which furniture to keep to searching for effective storage solutions, one can get stuck between finding the right décor to make your small space cosy and functional. Having limited square footage does not mean that you have to stick to a minimalistic décor. There are […]

3 Nature-Inspired Bedroom Paint Colours That Soothes the Eyes

A bedroom with white walls and a green couch.

Ask any homeowner for paint colour advice, and they will all tell you the same thing – choosing the right shade for your bedroom is more difficult than you think. At first, you might even be excited to explore the different options, from soothing neutrals to visually intriguing bold hues. But after searching for a […]

3 Chic and Creative Colour Palettes to Elevate Your Interior Decor

A living space with dark blue walls.

Colour is one of the most essential elements of any room. Whether it’s the bathroom, the kitchen, the living room, or the dining room, it has to have a refreshing colour that’s moody with a dramatic flair. Selecting a paint shade for your home can be difficult. Are you into minimalistic themes or love a […]