Did you know the colour of the walls in a commercial space affects the productivity of people working there? In other words, if you work in a home office, the colour of the walls could be the difference between bringing your best self to work and being inefficient.

No matter what industry you’re in, having a great-looking home office space that’s designed to optimize your productivity is a great thought. Unsure which colours to use? Here are 4 power pigments to consider for your home office space.

1. Pine

Imagine walking into your home office in the morning and feeling rested and refreshed. That’s the kind of feeling a home office with green walls will give you according to studies on colour psychology!

We’ve selected pine green in particular because of how stunning it looks alongside wooden furniture. In other words, if your home office space features hardwood floors and/or a wooden desk, pine walls will make the space look dazzling. If you want to take it up a notch, you can even pop a few house plants in the corners to make your home office picture-perfect!

2. Navy

Navy is a severely underrated wall colour. People often shy away from it because they fear it’ll make the room feel smaller—but that’s assuming you paint all the walls navy.

We recommend painting one wall navy and keeping the remaining walls white. Alternatively, if you’ve got a desk lamp, paint the roof blue and admire its beauty whenever you switch it on!

3. Lavender

Not feeling dark colours for your home office? Lavender is the perfect solution.

Lavender is a somewhat neutral yet bright colour that’ll ensure your home office space is exciting without being too informal. It’s also worth getting lavender walls for your home office if work can be stressful sometimes because of the colour’s calming effects.

4. Pastel Yellow

All work no play makes jack a dull boy—so why not add a touch of playfulness to your home office by opting to get the walls painted in a pastel yellow?

This gorgeous shade will look magnificent in home offices that allow plenty of natural light. It’s also a great colour if your home office doubles as another space like a yoga room after work’s done.

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