Did you know researchers from Italy discovered that the colour of your bedroom walls and ceiling significantly affects your mood?

Some colours invoke calmness while others induce stress. Therefore, if you want a bedroom that radiates peacefulness, it’s vital to get it painted the right colour. But which one’s worth considering?

Here are 3 brilliant colours that’ll transform your bedroom into a gorgeous space geared toward helping you relax and unwind.

1. Pale Peach

A touch of pink, a dab of pastel yellow, and a generous helping of sheer class—these are the secret ingredients for a paint colour that’ll turn your bedroom into an Instagrammable haven exuding tranquillity to no end.

We’ve put pale peach on this list because it provides the calmness of purple and the softness of pink and pastel yellow simultaneously. The resulting soft tone will add to your bedroom’s coziness while also accentuating the furniture simultaneously.

For best results, consider using pale peach if you’ve got bedroom furniture made using light-coloured woods like teak.

2. Blue

Few colours will make you feel like you’ve ascended into the heavens than blue. Dark blue shades are often associated with feelings of serenity, while light blue shades are known to promote relaxation. So, which shade should you pick? It depends on how big the room is and what else is inside.

Dark shades make rooms appear smaller, so if your bedroom’s small, consider a light shade like powder blue that’s both versatile and visually stunning. The gentle tone will add an air of serenity to your room without limiting your creativity when it comes to interior décor.

On the other hand, if you’re lucky enough to have a spacious room, using a dark shade of blue to paint the walls will make it feel smaller and cozier.

3. Ivory/Cream

If you’d rather stick to the classics than attempt to craft a tranquil bedroom space using bold colours, your best bet is to go with ivory/cream.

This shade is a delightful combination of two of the most peaceful bedroom colours there are—white and beige. The result is an off-white, creamy shade that exudes serenity, purity, and elegance in a way few other colours do.

We recommend getting the walls painted ivory/cream and the ceiling matte white. The subtle contrast will give your bedroom an utterly peaceful and luxurious vibe no matter what style or colour of furniture you’ve got.

A dresser, carpet, and a couple of lamps in a bedroom

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